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From the education to the networking to the technology, designees have a lot of great reasons to include CCIM after their names. But let’s be honest: Closing deals is the true test of the pin’s power. As Jonathan E. Lindsey, CCIM, says: “Earning more than a $20,000 gross fee makes paying my CCIM dues enjoyable.”

One Deal Leads to Another
Two years ago, a national bank wanted to sell a real estate-owned office building in my area. They looked for CCIMs in the Central Valley of California and found my résumé online. Since then, I have sold five properties for them totaling nearly $6 million dollars. This would not have happened without the CCIM designation.
— Joseph R. Muratore, CCIM

Fast Cash
A big brokerage house in Dallas called after they found me in the CCIM database. They represented a national company that needed to relocate one of their operations here in Pensacola. The broker asked if I could show a building they had located in Pensacola. About 30 days later I received a check: My share of the fee was $15,000 — not bad for 30 minutes’ work!
— Gary Watson, CCIM

Expert Referrals
I assisted Restaurant Depot with the $7.9 million lease of 113,900 square feet of industrial space. This opportunity originated because Dennis M. Sargent Jr., CCIM, who works in our Maitland, Fla., office, wanted to be sure that his client was serviced properly and would only consider referring the lease requirement to another CCIM designee.
— Rolando A. Alvarez, CCIM, CPM

Educating Investors
I recently sold two medical income-producing properties totaling more than $3.5 million. The investor had approached me looking for some alternatives to the stock market. My CI 103 instructor told us that it is all about “time, value, money” with these investors. I told my client what these investments looked like through the CCIM DCF analysis spreadsheets utilized in CI 104. He pulled the trigger and we closed in 60 days.
— Lee T. Harper, CCIM

Hello Ruby Tuesday
A Ruby Tuesday real estate representative called me about a site in Huntsville, Ala. He said he contacted me mainly because I was a CCIM. We completed that transaction, and I ultimately completed 15 more Ruby Tuesday deals. This activity firmly established me as a retail broker and gave me the skills to be a successful retail developer too.
— D. Scott McLain, CCIM

Corporate Connections
Corporate real estate people know they can expect consistent, professional service from CCIMs. Almost all of the deals I get from national companies in our small market are a result of holding the CCIM designation. For example, Coca-Cola Corp.’s real estate representative called me to sell their local facility, which turned into a $48,000 commission. I asked, “How did you find me?” He said, “I just looked in the CCIM directory.”
— Donnie McKinney, CCIM

Developing Relationships
The deal began with a referral from Robert Williams, CCIM, of Fort Pierce, Fla. An established multifamily developer intended to use a low-income housing tax credit to assist with funding. I used STDBonline to match the buyer’s development criteria with the parcels being considered. We successfully closed on a 13-acre site for 192 units. Without the resources and education acquired in obtaining the CCIM designation, I never would have been involved in this closing.
— Kevin L. Wattenbarger, CCIM


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