Academy Participants - 2006

Mark Biery, CCIM
This will help you in life, as well as your work!

Charles C. Connely, CCIM
The JWL Academy is an action packed program that is truly top quality with a lot of take away benefits. Not only will you further develop your leadership capabilities and knowledge of the Institute, but you will also network and build personal friendships with some of the best minds in our industry!

Cynthia Ellison, CCIM
The JWL Leadership Development Academy has been rewarding in so many ways. Our class has formed a bond that not only has created friendships, but also has created the desire to serve the Institute. The Academy has given the 2006 cadets the opportunity to learn about the business of running the Institute. The visit to Chicago enabled us to meet the dedicated, surprisingly large staff. Dr. Lenn has been an inspiring mentor. I love his calm, sincere approach to teaching us how to identify and improve our leadership styles. Susan, Colleen and the staff have made each of our meetings run smoothly. If you are considering becoming more involved on the national level, I highly recommend joining this outstanding program!

Brian E. Estes, CCIM
The Jay W. Levine Leadership Development Academy has opened my eyes to leadership responsibility and what it means to be a true leader.

Karl Landreneau, CCIM
This program is invaluable in understanding and learning the complete workings of the CCIM Institute. It also trains you in understanding leadership and helps to improve all of your skills of being a leader.

Michael G. Loveland, CCIM
What a wonderful way to improve and increase your knowledge of the Institute and become more excited about involvement in its future!

Susan McClure, CCIM
This program will open your eyes to the complexity of issues associated with running the CCIM Institute, while simultaneously inspiring you to get involved! It has been a truly wonderful experience.

Molly Mosher-Cates, CCIM
The JWL Leadership Academy has been a great opportunity to form lasting relationships with other CCIMs from around the country. The educational program was invaluable, especially the media training with Peter Mosca.”

Edward Nwokedi, CCIM
“The commercial real estate industry requires professionals with an arsenal of business skills. Being a part of the Jay W. Levine Leadership Development Academy has helped me identify and strengthen skills which I have never used or have not exercised in a long time.

John R. Reed, CCIM
The JWL Leadership Development Academy was unique in providing a venue where you are able to interact with a group of peers of exceptional ability on a challenging topic over an extended period of time. Rarely are you in a situation where everyone contributes and brings value to the group. The content noticeably contributed to my personal growth, and the relationships developed may prove to be invaluable.

Patricia Tesluk, CCIM
JWL Academy provided me the opportunity to interact with professionals from different regions of the United States. The diversity of the group enriched the experience. The passion, desire for excellence and sense of community is woven deeply in the fabric of CCIM Institute. I am proud to have been a part of the 2006 Academy. The goal of the Academy is to develop future leaders for the CCIM Institute. After participating in the program I know the Institute will be in good hands for years to come.

Jay D. Verro, CCIM
The JWL Academy provided me with a greater insight of the inner workings of the Institute and a desire to use my newly honed leadership skills for the betterment of the CCIM Institute.

Gerrie F. Watson, CCIM
Be prepared to learn a great deal and grow professionally and personally by leaps and bounds.

David P. Wilson, CCIM
The Academy helped me strengthen my leadership skills and build lasting relationships within the CCIM Industry. The information that I have gained will make me a better leader within my own company as well as for the CCIM Institute in the future.