Academy Participants - 2005

Randy N. Atkin, CCIM
The Academy was an invaluable opportunity to learn about leadership qualities, evaluate myself and focus on excellence. Thank you to the Institute for creating this experience.

John R. Beard, CCIM
An outstanding opportunity to learn about the intricate workings of our Institute from the inside. A chance to share a commitment of excellence with other cadets and have an experience to grow. Great instruction and preparedness for dealing with future issues in our lives - inside and outside of the Institute.

Diann L. Cowling, CCIM
The Academy has increased my knowledge of the inner-workings of the Institute and provided tools with which to develop better leadership and teamwork skills in my profession and in work with the Institute. It was an invaluable experience. Thanks to Dr. Lenn, Susan, staff, and presenters for an incredible opportunity.

Joseph A. Fisher, CCIM
The Academy provides an enjoyable forum where CCIM future leaders get to know each other. The meetings, the education and the chance to socialize provide the opportunity for us develop relationships that will certainly benefit us as individuals as well as benefit the CCIM Institute in the years to come.

Barbara K. Hokel, CCIM
The Academy has been a most rewarding experience in that it has given me insight to many untapped cognitive skills and various methods of leading. Challenging, invigorating, enlightening, and rewarding are only a few words that describe the program. It also lends itself to the development of several close personal relationships with a variety of people who live throughout the United States. It is a true honor to have been chosen to be a participant in this program.

Todd A. Kuhlmann, CCIM
As a business owner, and volunteer for the CCIM Institute and other professional organizations, the Academy has enabled me to better empower and motivate my team, and given me the focus I needed to take our business and organizations to the next level. I use the training and guidance I have received from the Academy daily. Those around me, both professional and personal, have taken note of the enhanced leadership, communication, and focus I gained from the instructors and my fellow Cadets. If you are a leader in your community, or desire to become more active with the CCIM Institute, this Academy is a prerequisite for success!

Mark Macek, CCIM
The Academy is one of those unique one of a kind experiences that you look back on and realize that you very fortunate to be a part of. I went in thinking that I was going to learn about the CCIM Institute and came out of it realizing that I had also learned a great deal about myself. The program will impact your personal and business life in very positive ways. Most importantly you will build another base of very close, lifelong friends that you can never replace. Dr. Jeff Lenn is a gifted facilitator and educator who brings the best out of you and the other participants. This program continues to have a profound impact on the future of the CCIM organization and its participants.

Mike Merrifield, CCIM
Leaders are not necessarily born, but with education, coaching, study, practice and courage, most anybody can develop leadership skills and talents. In my case this certainly applied and I'm so glad to have stepped out of my comfort range and applied to the Academy. The education like what we have come to expect and appreciate from the Institute was "1st Class". The coaching, from past academy graduates, Dr Jeff Lenn, Susan Groeneveld and Peter Mosca was the most beneficial to me. I highly recommend this learning experience even if you only have as in my case, yourself to lead.

Nicholas L. Miner, CCIM
The Academy has been one of the best training programs I have ever taken. To learn all of the different leadership styles, to meet all of the staff and to see the "nuts & bolts" of the Institute were very worthwhile.

Scott A. Morse, CCIM
My experience to date has been superior. The format, content, and the people have been excellent. The skills and perspective that is gained through this process not only helps your CCIM career, but your individual professional career and assists in your personal relationships as well.

Byron A. Smith, CCIM
The Academy is a great resource for the participants and for the Institute as it will continue to develop further leaders to this medium.

Debra Stevens, CCIM
I always talk to others about the value of the "CCIM Pin." Now I can tell them of the Internal Rate of Return for spending time at the Academy. Participants will learn of leadership skills to benefit the CCIM Institute, Your Chapter, Your Clients, Your Business Partners, Your Family and most importantly Yourself! My team and my whole class taught - as they themselves were learning.

Compliments to CCIM Institute staff and Dr. Jeff Lenn for an eye-opening, challenging, and rewarding whirlwind year. Thanks Jay! This wasn't one of those “old paths” one takes in life - it was a super-highway.

Robert C. Watson, CCIM
A leader takes people where they would never go on their own.

ChuckWise, CCIM
I am honored and amazed to have had the opportunity to engage in the process of creating the future leadership of CCIM Institute. The level of training, information and practical experience is excellent, but the greatest benefit to me was the interaction with Dr. Lenn, Institute staff, CCIM Instructors and our amazing 2005 class of CCIM professionals. Our Institute is in very capable hands and the people and mechanism to continue expanding value to the real estate professional is impressive.